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April 6th, 2016

Gd’Day Mate!

A big group of retail traders (the retail investors like you and me) in social media platform

Reddit WallStreetBets took on Wall Street Giants in the Gamestop saga.

Their mission has two main goals: Drive up stock prices to score profits for themselves, and at

the same time, force the establishment investors to abandon bearish bets against struggling

companies such as GameStop (GME), AMC (AMC), Macy’s (M) and several others.

Gamestop’s stock price was $18.80 as of 31st Dec 2020 and by 29th Jan 2021, it closed at $325 –

a whopping 18 times!

Subsequently the total number of users in Reddit grew from 2 million users to 7.2 million users

within days.

Now, it seems like they are targeting to push the price of Cryptocurrency (Ripple XRP) on 1st


This is their thread:

XRP TO THE MOON!!!! from wallstreetbets

Already, XRP’s price has gone up by more than 50% since this news.


If you are interested to get involved with cryptos and consider joining this action, you can buy

XRP at the world’s biggest and most established crypto exchange Binance at the link below: