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Amid uproar over school lecturer

A day after Ukrainian students vented their fury at a school of Alberta lecturer who called the Holodomor famine lie, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney slammed the idiots who drawn in genocide denial.

Dougal MacDonald, Who is listed as a lecturer in the as well as college education department, Said on Facebook a Holodomor was a myth perpetuated by the Nazis. His comments led the Ukrainian Students Society to call them and false beliefs that are displeasing for an employee of the university.

Kenney also posted a video of a speech he gave about Holodomor, Which was date chinese women a fierce disapproval of supposedly progressive voices who were complicit in one of history great cover ups. Were the useful idiots of whom Lenin wrote. Westerners who purposefully lied about one of the great acts of mass murder in history, recounted Kenney.

The speech was delivered last week at a Holodomor commemoration in Calgary and it was posted in full on Thursday morning as the scandal around MacDonald erupted.

MacDonald comments were originally through The Gateway, trainees newspaper at the U of A, And MacDonald taken care of immediately the paper story with a statement decrying the assertions and directed at him. Talk a great deal of, I eat you have, Too An excerpt from Anne Applebaum Red Famine

In his social networks post, that wasthat’s archived online by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, MacDonald is the Holodomor as a myth perpetuated by the Nazis to discredit the Soviet Union.

the us, Former Nazi collaborators and their spawn have long led the phony Holodomor strategy, submitted MacDonald.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress urged its members to contact the school and demand the dismissal of MacDonald, Even providing suggested text for an email to the teachers president.

Is a stark memo that, even 2019, We can’t afford complacency in Holodomor education and awareness, the organization website reads.

MacDonald was an applicant for the Marxist Leninist Party of Canada in the 2019 federal election in the Edmonton Strathcona riding, Which NDP aspirant Heather McPherson won. MacDonald tallied 77 votes. His banner photo on Facebook is an advertisement to subscribe to the Marxist Leninist Party online bulletin and his profile picture is a photo of Fidel Castro. His photos on Facebook are an amount of historical leftist leaders, Like former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara and former North Korean master Kim Il sung, Who MacDonald relates as a leader of the Korean people. 23, 2019.

Genya Savilov/AFP via Getty data

the actual university did not respond to a request for comment before press time, It said in a statement to the Gateway that the university is many interests and obligations while it is monitoring this matter. University has a persistence for freedom of expression and academic freedom for its staff, consisting of right to comment (furthermore) To criticize without deference to recommended doctrine. addressing the Gateway questions, Deputy provost Wendy Rogers noted that MacDonald was making the comments as a private citizen and that they did not reflect the university views.